Entering into international markets requires strategy, methodical movements and to bring potential customer into a certain level before the final agreement.

Each collaborator-client knows from the beginning of the project the development time to markets/targets, the particularities that they have, they will be guided to the image that will present, the way and procedures that will follow, the necessary certifications for each country, packaging, negotiation and ideal commercial policy.

  • We have experience in exports to more than 70 industries,
  • We maintain a large network worldwide
  • We follow a safe methodology, which will bring the best results at the lowest cost,
  • We choose to focus on the results, professional client services and the long-lasting cooperation with our customers, because we provide…

Export’s strategy presupposes 3 steps in order to be able to develop.

  • PRE SALES,all evaluation procedures and finding potential customers (approaching procedures and tools) and competition research,
  • SALES, customer management procedures and its “maturation” before the meeting,
  • ORDERING + CROSS SELLING, all procedures after starting the cooperation with the customer and its “opening” to a range of products,

If you choose Ratarious Management as your Exports Partner and one of our export services you can safely develop in foreign markets


In House Exports

  1. In house Exports: we structure an export department in your company,
  • Cooperation Contract (4 to 10 months)
  • Organization of your company’s export department at your office
  • We undertake the project’s responsibility as Export Manager
  • We find the target markets
  • We recruit qualified staff for your exports department and we give them the guidelines
  • Competition Analysis
  • Organizing the marketing “tools”
  • We find customers and representatives in foreign markets and we create a data base
  • Define our communication strategy and customer search
  • Define the Customer Management Policy and customer evaluation
  • Preparation of exhibition abroad and customer management in order to have visitors to your stand
  • We support you during negotiations with customers
  • Daily report on the project’s progress for each country

Outsource Exports Services

  1. Outsource Exports: export development procedures from our headquarters on behalf of our customer
  • Cooperation Contract (12 months)
  • We implement export procedures from our headquarters on your behalf
  • We find the target markets
  • Competition Analysis
  • We find customers and representatives in foreign markets and we create a data base
  • We define the communication tools
  • Marketing tools- Email Marketing Campaign (newsletters every month with information about your company)
  • Telecommunications and customer evaluation
  • We follow a Customer Management policy and  we send offers
  • We prepare your participation to an exhibition abroad and  we  “lock” customers to visit your stand
  • Daily report  of the progress with your customers,
  • We follow you in order to visit customers abroad  together and to make the best deal