Is one of the 3 reasons, and maybe the most important one, that everybody considers us as specialists.
We invested many years in this field so that we can claim that we are the most specialized company in sales.

Services B2B Sales

As market changes, we have find out that companies faces very friendly Outsourcing Services by specialists.

Ratarious Management is the most specialized company in sales as we have presented many successes in numerous B2B sales projects.

If you tried to organize a sales department but you failed, you must talk with us in order to present you a proposal exclusively for your own company.

Techniques such as the development of a company’s back office, through the implementation of procedures, such as:

  • Opening of a new market,
  • Segmentation,
  • Cross selling,
  • After Sales,
  • Follow Up – Telephones – Sale,
  • Sales Campaigns etc.

As well as front office procedures, such as:

  • Routing of sales executives,
  • Consulting sale,
  • Reporting system,
  • Bonus system etc

All these in combination with marketing tools and the right management can give you a sales department with strong base, professionalism and development.

The B2B sales service is one of Ratarious Management basic one.

We undertake the project only if we can accomplish it.

Contact us in order to analyze you the implementation of the service.

Retail – B2C

The constant changes and the increased demands of the final consumer have led the retail companies in new organization forms.

The Store Manager model is the most effective for Mediterranean countries, which in combination with a modern marketing department (in-house or outsourced), has helped many companies to develop and implement a customer centered policy.

Ratarious Management  can support you in restructuring your retail department through specific procedures:

  • development of appropriate marketing tools (email marketing, sms marketing, social media marketing etc),
  • employee development (Store Manager and salespersons),
  • implementation of customer centred policy,
    • after sales service,
    • sales campaign,
    • mash mail,

Software solutions etc.Contact us in order to analyze you the implementation of the service.

After Sales

The trend of customers centered policy leads to the development of new techniques in costumer’s management, keeping always in mind how to satisfy them.

Companies try to satisfy their clients not only during the sale but also after it in order to “keep” them close to the company and to enforce their position in market.

Our expertise to procedures and our successful development projects in European, and Emirates market, make us the right persons to create your After Sales department by using:

  • Specific procedures,
  • Training or placing specialized executives in customers management,
  • Communication script,
  • Software’s etc.

 Call Center

Ratarious Management  can organise a professional Call Center which is made to serve the needs of each company

  1. by structuring procedures and communication script,
  2. with CRM,
  3. With specializing executives in customers management.

Call Center can support your company in the following fields:

  • approaching potential clients and promoting your services and products,
  • approaching potential clients in order to make appointments,
  • customers care
  • after sales
  • Service
  • Managing problems etc

Find out more about that service which is a very popular one and you may already use it to your company but without having the desirable results.

Ratarious Management can organize for you a professional Call Center.