Cheap Staff is not Always Good Staff

The good staff always is

  • Updated with the current job/industry
  • Trying to improve their self’s
  • They have experience
  • Qualifications
  • Following the Procedures
  • Is adaptable to any change  
  • Thinking differently
  • Prioritizing  and getting the most important things done
  • They have extra value
  • Have  Business Identity

Knowing what skills and characteristics to look out for, in existing employees as well as when recruiting new employees, will ensure that these desired qualities are nurtured and developed throughout the business, regardless of the job title or function. The skills of a good employee reach beyond technical acumen and business experience. While these are important to get the job done, how these tasks are carried out, and the interactions with other team members, are indicative of the attitude, approach, mindset, and adaptability of a good employee.