Sales and Marketing Strategy After Pandemic

Sales and Marketing Strategy After Pandemic

During pandemic, demand for your products and services may vary from the norm. Relationships with customers and channel partners need special attention. In some industries, customer buying behavior has put a renewed focus on e-commerce.

  • Keeping customers engaged

It’s a great time to embrace technology, even if it hasn’t been part of your marketing strategy in the past. Marketing interactions on the internet don’t have to be purely transactional. In fact, customers and prospects are always on the lookout for relevant, shareable content.

  • Communicating to customers in a crisis

Customers are looking to your business for clear, concise and accurate messaging about any changes to your business during the pandemic.

You can help customers by sharing practical information about your business in a timely fashion.

  • Tell customers about changes to business hours, location, events, products or services.

Provide details of changes to product availability or delivery delays.

If it’s financially viable, show compassion to customers at this time by extending payments, offering reimbursements or no-fee cancellations.

  • Getting started with e-commerce

Business disruption is often a catalyst for innovation and change. With physical distancing measures in place, businesses that aren’t already set up online may find the time has come to figure out the basics of e-commerce.